[Symfony2] Assetic e .css?

Hello to all,

I have a problem. Everything else works fine. For now I only have this problem.

I am using in enviroment "dev" .css file from the folder "Resources/public/css" of my bundle.

I incorporate them with Assetic blocks righteous (as a guide):

{% stylesheets 'bundles/acmedemo/css/*' filter='cssrewrite' %}
                <link href="{{ asset_url }}" rel="stylesheet" />
            {% endstylesheets %}

but nothing, every time that I modify one of my css not even get the update in the browser.

(When I use in code 'bundles/acme_demo/css/*' nothing appears in html code. Like {% stylesheets %} box doesn't exists. A bug?)

I repeat, I'm in enviroment "dev" and then i'm using "app_dev.php".

In config.yml I added

     bundles:        [AcmeDemoBundle]

The file "config" and "config_dev" are the standard, not touched in the rest. Controller Asettic is true in "config_dev" and false in "config".

How do you explain that?

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