Senior Magento Developer for Digital Agency in Hamburg Germany

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Descrizione dell'offerta

A Leading Hamburg based Digital Agency would love to hear from experienced senior Magento developers who'd be interested in joining their team at their Hamburg city centre office. The successful candidate will have an excellent knowledge of Magento development and be accustomed to planning and implementing elegant, maintainable solutions which serve a client's requirements.

Competenze e requisiti

Candidates should have:
A thorough understanding of the Magento architecture, up to and including the latest version
Excellent PHP coding abilities and an understanding of the advantages of producing clean, maintainable code
The ability to discuss requirements with a client, draw up a detailed implementation plan and architect a suitable solution
The ability to work with other team members to set up, configure, develop, deploy and support a Magento installation
Sufficient knowledge of the Magento templating system to work alongside our front-end and design teams in building beautiful, cross-browser compatible sitesOther desirable skills include:
A solid understanding of front-end development, HTML/CSS and Javascript/JQuery
Experience of building custom Magento modules
Knowledge of SimpleTest and/or Selenium testing

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