eZ publish 3.6

di Gianni Tomasicchio - 3 giugno 2005

ezpublish.gifDisponibile eZ publish 3.6, uno dei più diffusi CMS e framework open source.

Tra le nuove features implementate:

  • Static Caching of content: allows you to create static HTML code whenever you publish a new document. This is then served directly through Apache (by means of mod_rewrite) and PHP is bypassed. This gives a huge performance increase.
  • Support for transactions in databases: Does not improve performance, but makes sure your database never ends up in a broken state. Real preview of content: So that you can see how a page is going to look like before it's actually published.
  • Improved template syntax: A new more inituitive syntax has been added. Now you can use if(), for() and while() just like you would in PHP code. Of course, support for the old syntax has been kept.
  • Improved support for internal links: Now you can simply use eznode://galleries/misc_flowers in links. These links are automatically updated when you move this node to a new location.


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