Maguma Workbench 2.5

di Gianni Tomasicchio - 4 giugno 2005

workbench25.jpgRilasciata la nuova versione di Maguma Workbench, una potente piattaforma di sviluppo integrata per PHP. Questa release 2.5 introduce diverse novità, tra cui spicca il supporto al linguaggio Python. Ecco la lista copleta delle nuove caratteristiche:

  • Added Python execution module
  • Added document templates system
  • Added customizable help system
  • Added Xdebug profiler output analysis
  • Updated wxWidgets toolkit to version 2.6.0
  • Added dbl-click handler for editor tab control to open new document
  • Combined all PHP setup options into one panel
  • Redesigned the FunctionList to allow for multiple sections defined by object files
  • Fixed several parse problems with the PHP Code Parser module
  • Fixed the right-click editor tab control to affect tab under the mouse
  • Migrated to wxDockit library
  • Enabled floating tool windows
  • Combined Main and Debug toolbar into a single slidebar
  • Combined Code and Preview toolbar into a single slidebar
  • Added the "Reset to Defaults" button for the options dialog
  • Added the Perl, Python, CSS and XML lexer settings
  • Added the ability to upload to a remote server via drag'n'drop into the RemoteBrowser window
  • Enabled dbl-click on the Tidy messages to jump to the associated line in the editor window
  • Added the PHPDoc comment default settings panel for new comment blocks
  • Updated the ClassWizard module to use the proper PHP code parsing module
  • Added the ClassBrowser display to the Workspace module
  • Added the ability to create a new project from a CVS checkout
  • Enabled the Project expand/collapse state to be saved to the project file
  • Added the "Change permissions" tool to the Remote Browser module
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