php|architect di febbraio

di Gianni Tomasicchio - 16 febbraio 2005

Pubblicato il numero di febbraio di php|architect, una tra le più autorevoli riviste internazionali dedicate alla programmazione PHP disponibile sia in versione elettronica (pdf) che cartacea.

Ecco gli articoli che è possibile leggere questo mese:

The PRADO Framework: .Net for the PHP Developer
PRADO is a component-based and event-driven framework for Web programming written in PHP 5. It was developed in the hope of facilitating code-reuse and having developers think in terms of reusable and configurable components instead of repetitive and tedious details. In this article, PRADO principal author Qiang Xuw uses a form validation example to illustrate the new programming paradigm advocated by PRADO. He also shows how to create reusable components.

Enterprise Development with the iConnect Architecture
If you've been looking for a way to create rock-solid, extendable enterprise applications with PHP, look no further! This article by Alex Pagnoni describes the PHP 5 iConnect architecture and the reasons it has been designed. It also provides a complete example of a simple distributed web application that uses the whole architecture.

HTML_QuickForm and Smarty: A Winning Combination
Had it with redundant form validation? Does separating application and presentation code have you all mixed up? Check out David Perrin's article in this issue of php|a for an overview of the Smarty templating engine, the PEAR HTML_QuickForm form building module and a complete mini application that cleanly divides application and presentation as well as handling comprehensive form validation.

PHP under Fire: Using the Firebird database from your web apps
When praising the vast database support that PHP provides, the products that are mentioned most often are the likes of MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and MSSQL, but there are several others. One database that has been rather neglected for a long time is Firebird. As author Christian Wenz illustrates in this great article, it?s time for a closer look. 

Test Pattern: The Myth of Reusable
?Is our code reusable?? Achieving ?reusable? is often viewed as a holy grail for a piece of object oriented code. The code is going to be so flexible that you can do anything with it that you would ever want to do. In this month's Test Pattern column, author Marcus Baker is ready to bet that somebody can think of a use you haven?t thought of yet, so the answer is ?no.? Perhaps, he says, we should rephrase the question...

Security Corner: PHP Security Consortium
The topic of this month?s Security Corner column, written by security expert Chris Shiflett, is the PHP Security Consortium, which just had its official launch. In this article, he describes the group?s history, purpose, and future plans.

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